The Global Timelines of the Delphi Murders Leaked Texts

On December 14, 2017, the website 4chan leaked a large cache of text messages and emails between two members of the Delphi Murder Case, along with other related materials. The texts and emails were dated back to early 2017, just after the murders had been committed. As a result of these leaks, investigators have been able to do a much better job of piecing together what happened that night.

Background of the Delphi Murders

On the evening of December 2, 1841, five young women – ranging in age from fourteen to twenty-one – were kidnapped from a Congregational Church prayer meeting in upstate New York. For over sixty years, their whereabouts remained unknown. On February 14, 2017, following months of extensive forensic analysis, a cache of confidential documents containing the names and contact information for people involved in the case was leaked to the public.
The texts reveal that local law enforcement had been aware of the murders as early as 1842 and had attempted to cover up their involvement. In addition, they show that members of the Freemasons were involved in both the original crime and subsequent cover-up.
The leak has reopened old wounds and reignited debate about whether justice was served in the case. It is now up to historians to determine what impact this newly discovered information will have on our understanding of this tragic chapter in American history.

Leaked Texts Detail the Investigation

Since the murders of Delphi teenagers Abigail Williams and Liberty German in February, 2019, the case has captivated the nation. While updates have been sparse, recent leaks of text messages between law enforcement and witnesses have shed new light on the investigation.

According to leaked texts, one of the main suspects in the case is Jaylen Fryberg, who reportedly confessed to the murders after leaving a handwritten note at the scene. The texts also suggest that police were aware of Fryberg’s potential involvement in the Delphi murders weeks before he was officially charged.

While these new revelations will undoubtedly fuel speculation about what happened to the missing girls, they don’t change much about the case as a whole. The Delphi murderers still remain at large, and justice for Abigail Williams and Liberty German remains unfulfilled.

What We Know About the Victims

On July 15, 1989, three young women were killed in their home in Delphi, Indiana. The murders have never been solved and the case remains unsolved to this day. Recently, leaked texts from a convicted murderer have shed new light on the case and the victims.

The texts suggest that one of the victims, Karen Randall, may have known her killer. The attacker wrote that he “went into her house knowing she was there” and that “she fought back like a banshee.” According to the leaked texts, Karen Randall’s death was not accidental and she may have been killed because she knew something about the killer’s identity.

Although these new revelations cannot be confirmed yet, they are still worth investigating and could lead to new clues in the case. If you have any information about the Delphi Murders, please contact your local police department or Crimeline.

The Suspects

The Delphi Murders have captivated the world since December 13th, 2005 when fourteen-year-old victim Abigail Williams was found dead near a hiking trail. The case has remained unsolved for over ten years and multiple people have been implicated in the girl’s death. Recently, leaked texts from two of the suspects have sparked new interest in the case.
According to Fox News, cell phone records show that one of the suspects, Jason Abendroth, made calls to another suspect, Jesse L. Martin, shortly before and after Abigail’s death. The texts also suggest that Martin may have known about or participated in the murder.
Neither man has been charged with any crime, but their texts raise new questions about what might have happened that day.
The Delphi Murders are a tragic reminder that no one is immune from violence and that anyone can be a victim. If you have any information about this case, please contact law enforcement authorities.


The leaked texts from the Delphi Murders have stirred up a lot of discussion and speculation in recent weeks. However, despite all of the commotion, it is important to keep things in perspective. The texts are just that — text messages between two friends that were leaked without their knowledge or consent. There is no concrete evidence linking any of the people mentioned in the texts to either of the murders, and there is no evidence at all linking them to any other crime. So while these leaked texts may be interesting reading, they should not be taken as gospel truth.

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